[R] how to get loglik parameter from splm package?

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Dear useR,

although I admit that getting the log likelihood is important, you must
concede that obtaining the parameter estimates is not bad either.
Regarding "craze", well there are crazier things in the world than this,
just look at the political situation in Italy.

Anyway, the loglik has always been there, although it wasn't exported
(hence the NULL value). In the most recent versions of 'splm' we have
made it available, at least for RE models, through the standard way: a
logLik() method. Usage:

> logLik(yourmodel)

You can download it from R-forge, as usual.


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splm package is a r  implemention of spatial panel data models.
and the loglik paremeter is most important infomation for splm methods.
but  i found the loglik always been null ,it's craze to get right
in splm with null  loglik.
Any one knows the splm package and can get the right loglik ? please

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