[R] using gsarima package with R

Tobias Verbeke tobias.verbeke at openanalytics.eu
Sun Jan 23 22:40:35 CET 2011

Hi Nandan,

On 01/23/2011 08:52 PM, nandan amar wrote:
> I am trying to use function garsim from package gsarima.
> I can download gsarima package from
> http://cran.fyxm.net/web/packages/gsarima/index.html for linux.
> But how I can add it to R.
> I have compiled and installed R from its R source code under Ubuntu.

$ sudo R
install.packages("gsarima") # install at R command line

library(gsarima)  # load the package
?garsim  # look a the help page of the function

Hope this helps,

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