[R] Newb Question : How do I load the Rsymphony Library, and How do I get Symphony Running on my windows Vista?

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Sun Jan 23 18:53:16 CET 2011

Currently, the Rsymphony maintainers do not support Rsymphony under Windows.

Best wishes,
Uwe Ligges

On 23.01.2011 14:58, BSanders wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to R, and at this phase, I don't really even know how to learn
> how to use R.
> I want to use R and Symphony together.  CAn I use Symphony on a windows
> based machine? I downloaded
> Symphony 5.2.0, and when I hit to install it, I'm getting an error that I
> can't get past. "Bad end of central directory record"
> Now, let's say I miraculously am able to install Symphony on my computer,
> great.. What steps do I need to take to install the Rsymphony library?
> Lastly, how do I figure this stuff out on my own, mainly, the installing the
> R library?  (For example, in a google search , I see rsymphony used to be in
> the rPortfolio package.. How do I figure that out on my own? )
> In advance, thank you to anyone kind enuff to help me along.

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