[R] Function comparable to cutpt.coxph from "Survival Analysis using S"

Schneider, Friederike Dr. Friederike.Schneider at med.uni-muenchen.de
Fri Jan 21 12:17:00 CET 2011

Dear Mrs Rachel Pearce,
I am looking for a function "cutpt-coxph" in R - like you did some years ago.
How have you solved the problem? Have you found it or a similar function?

thank you, Sincerely, Friederike

"The title says it all really; I am looking for a function along the lines of
cutpt.coxph as described in "Survival Analysis Using S" (Tableman and
Kim), Chapter 6. As may be guessed, the function optimises the
cutpoint of a continuous variable for cox proportional hazard
modelling. I can't find it, or any similar function, on CRAN.

Alternatively, perhaps there is a way of extracting the likelihoods
from the output of coxph."

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