[R] Unexpected Gap in simple line plot

D Kelly O'Day koday at processtrends.com
Fri Jan 21 02:12:28 CET 2011

I am getting an unexpected gap in a simple plot of monthly data series.

I have created a csv file of monthly climate observations that I store
on-line. When I download the csv file and plot one of the series, I get a
gap even though there is data for the missing point.

Here is a snippet to show the problem.

  ## Strange plot results
    link <- "http://processtrends.com/files/RClimate_CTS_latest.csv"
    cts <- read.csv(link, header=T)

    ## Simple line plot - gap for no reason
    plot(cts$yr_frac, cts$GISS, type="l", xlim=c(1982, 1983),xaxs="i",

   ## May, 1982 observation missing
   ## Add points to plot in red, to see if May shows up
   points(cts$yr_frac, cts$GISS, type="p", col="red")
   ## yes, May shows up in points

## Look at cts data.frame. No obvious problems to me??
  small <- subset(cts, cts$yr_frac >1982 & cts$yr_frac <1983)

The same problem occurs in the other data vectors (HAD, NOAA, RSS, UAH, etc)

I have not been able to figure why I am getting the gap and how to show a
continuous line through May, 1982 data points.

Any suggestions?

D Kelly O'Day
http://chartsgraphs.worpress.com http://chartsgraphs.wordprss.com 

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