[R] ANOVA plotting

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jan 21 01:38:07 CET 2011

Dear Bulent,

It's not clear to me what you want to do, but the following may be relevant:
Graphs -> Plot of means; Graphs -> Boxplot; and, after fitting the model,
Models -> Graphs -> Effects plots.

I hope this helps,

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> Dear List,
> I recently started using R and I have a simple question. I am running R
> (v.
> 2.12.1) and Rcmdr (v.1-6.3) on Mac (Snow Leopard).
> I am using a data set I used before for practicing ANOVA with R, so I
> know what the results should look like. I can get ANOVA table using both
> Rcmdr and GUI. However, I cannot make R prepare the ANOVA diagram (with
> boxplots, showing the data points, including the outliers) for the
> dataset. If I use Rcmdr (Models>Graphs) then I get some graphical
> representation for the ANOVA model I prepared in R (showing diagnostic
> plots, Q-Q plots, etc.). However, the real ANOVA diagram is not coming
> up. I tried using "plot" command in GUI but did not get what I wanted. I
> could not find an answer to this on-line or in my book. I apologize if
> this was covered recently in the mailing list, I just became a member.
> Thanks for all the help!
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