[R] spacing of color key in filled.contour

claudia tebaldi claudia.tebaldi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 21:34:59 CET 2011

Hi again

thank you to those who replied. I actually figured out a simple way
(which does entail transforming the data, oh well...) and I thought I
throw it out there just in case someone needs to solve a similar
problem. Apologies if it is in fact obvious.

Once the right levels for the contouring have been identified (for
example using the quantile function), just use "cut()" on your data
with those as the breaks, and the argument labels=F. This will return
your data in the form of integers, with a unique integer associated to
all the values that fall in a given interval identified by your
levels. Use filled.contour on your new data, and work on the
key.axes={axes(4,at=...,labels=...)}  argument to print the right
values besides the color key.

For what is worth.
And thanks again Jim and Clint


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