[R] puzzled with plotmath II

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Thu Jan 20 15:32:04 CET 2011


> Look for 'comma-separated list' on the help page!!
Yes, seeing the solution I also understand why list is the solution.
The special meaning of list () in plotmath was only in my passive vocabulary - 
and after this discussion I think it is upgraded to active ;-)

I have to admit that my coming from matlab (as opposed to lisp) still catches me 
once in a while: though I was aware that I would somehow need to change the tree 
of the expression, I went astray because c() still feels to me the more basic 
function to put things together than list ().
A second aspect that put me a bit off the track is that both create expressions 
that do have a meaning but don't mean in R what I want to express:
Z [c(a, b)] is meaningful, but not the same as Z [a, b]
Z [list (a, b)] is syntactically correct, but `[.matrix` doesn't accept lists 
for parameter i)

Anyways, thanks a lot for the patience everyone:
problem is solved, solutions (including bquote) are to be found in the Wiki, and 
instead of creating more fuss by unclear emails I'll fetch a coffee before I go 
on plotting my confusion matrix elements...


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