[R] puzzled with plotmath for matrix indices

Gerrit Eichner Gerrit.Eichner at math.uni-giessen.de
Thu Jan 20 14:43:03 CET 2011


Mittelhessen! ;-)

>> thanks & viele Grüße nach Oberhessen :-)

>>>> plot (1, 1, ylab = expression (Z[list(i,i)]))
>> though that cannot be evaluated, either (due to [ not knowing what to do
>> with an index list)

Something is missing; this last sentence of yours appears to be not 
complete, does it?

Regarding Uwe's remark and Peter's nice aesthetic suggestion:

> plot( 1, 1, xlab = substitute( Z[list(~i, j)], list( i = 1, j = 2)))

should solve both "problems".

This does work even in R as old as 2.7.1 (and, of course, for a more 
recent version as Uwe already stated).

  Best regards / Beste Grüße  --  Gerrit

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