[R] Using a list as multidimensional indexer

Nick Sabbe nick.sabbe at ugent.be
Thu Jan 20 11:04:53 CET 2011

Hello list.

Another 'puzzle' for which I don't have a clean solution.
Say I have a multidimensional object, e.g.:
Mm<-matrix(1:6, nrow=2, dimnames=list(c("a","b"), c("g","h","i")))
And on the other hand I have a list
This holds, for each dimension, an indexer for that dimension.
Now I would like to get the element pointed at by the list.
The obvious solutions don't seem to work, and I can't seem to get do.call to
call the indexer ('[') on my multidimensional object.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Nick Sabbe
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