[R] Queries about the statistic methodology used by R-Intergration on the data with normal distribution

Cheng, Daniel WC [IAD] danielcheng at winglungbank.com
Mon Jan 17 09:06:00 CET 2011

Dear Sir,

Our bank purchased an product called Inforsense years ago, there is a 
department using it to conduct a data analysis using the "Bestfit" 
function called "General R". As it is understood that the "General-R" is 
the "R-Intergration" plugin developed by R-Project, we would like to ask 
some questions on the difficulty that we encounter.

During our statistics re-performance, we found that even if the data are 
considered to be normally distributed by "General-R", the statistic 
result on the confidence interval determination is still greatly 
different from the result calculated by EXCEL spreadsheet*. As we are 
not very familiar with the Statistics and not sure how many kinds of 
statistic models for data of normal distribution there are, thus we 
would like to inquire if the R is using different methodology on the 
confidence interval determination from the EXCEL? Thank you very much.

*P/S- We just simply use the Excel Function ("Mean", "Stdev" and  
"Confidence") to calculate the confidence interval for the data.

Thanks&  Regards,
Daniel Cheng

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