[R] Memory issues

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Hi Emmanuel,

Try the following:

1) removing unnecessary programs from memory, this might give u a larger
contiguous memory block for R
2) remove unnecessary data from R's memory, so many of the preceding data
sets U no longer need can be removed. use the rm() command. U might need
to run gc() after this to insure the new memory is available
3) make sure U've assigned as much memory to R as possible using

And make sure u have r's

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I have read several threads about memory issues in R and I can't seem to
find a solution to my problem.

I am running a sort of LASSO regression on several subsets of a big
For some subsets it works well, and for some bigger subsets it does not
work, with errors of type "cannot allocate vector of size 1.6Gb". The
occurs at this line of the code:

   example <- cv.glmnet(x=bigmatrix, y=price, nfolds=3)

It also depends on the number of variables that were included in

I tried on R and R64 for both Mac and R for PC but recently went onto a
faster virtual machine on Linux thinking I would avoid any memory issues.
was better but still had some limits, even though memory.limit indicates

Is there anyway to make this work or do I have to cut a few variables in
matrix or take a smaller subset of data ?

I have read that R is looking for some contiguous bits of memory and that
maybe I should pre-allocate the matrix ? Any idea ?

Many thanks


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