[R] Truetype and Opentype font in pdf device

Kohske Takahashi takahashi.kohske at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 02:21:09 CET 2011

Deal all,

I want to know if truetype or opentype fonts are available in pdf
device (i.e., pdf() or dev.copy2pdf()), and if so, how to do it?

Now I can do as followings:

1. convert ttf to afm using ttf2afm, e.g.: $ ttf2afm Impact.ttf > Impact.afm
2. put the afm file in $R_HOME/library/grDevices/afm
3. register a new type1 font: pdfFonts(Impact=Type1Font("Impact",
rep("Impact.afm", 4), encoding = "TeXtext.enc"))
4. specify the fontfamily in gpar: grid.text('hello grid world',

but obviously, it is better if truetype or opentype fonts are directly
available without conversion to type1 font.

Also, I found that Cairo package can handle truetype or opnetype font.
However, the package seems not to support fontfamily, hence I cannot
use it through gpar.

Does anyone know about this topic?

Thank you in advance.

Kohske Takahashi <takahashi.kohske at gmail.com>

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,
The University of  Tokyo, Japan.

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