[R] R syntax for 95% prediction interval on a left-truncated normal variable

Fabio Colombo fabio.colombo at unimi.it
Wed Jan 12 13:49:33 CET 2011

Hi all,
I am searching for a R procedure to calculate a 95% prediction interval
(i.e. the interval in which following observations of the variable will
occur, not a confidence interval) on a variable that is the natural
logarithm of a ratio that  is always equal ore superior to 1, so the
natural-log-transformed variable is left truncated from 0 and I think that
it is expected to be normal; anyone can help? ThankYou,

Dott. Fabio Colombo
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Veterinarie per la Sicurezza Alimentare, Laboratorio di Identificazione di
Specie (LIS)
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