[R] memisc-Tables with robost standard errors

Jan Henckens jan at henckens.de
Thu Jan 6 01:57:01 CET 2011


I've got a question concerning the usage of robust standard errors in 
regression using lm() and exporting the summaries to LaTeX using the 
memisc-packages function mtable():

Is there any possibility to use robust errors which are obtained by 
vcovHC() when generating the LateX-output by mtable()?

I tried to manipulate the lm-object by appending the "new" covariance 
matrix but mtable seems to generate the summary itself since it is not 
possible to call mtable(summary(lm1)).

I'd like to obtain a table with the following structure (using standard 
errors I already worked out how to archieve it):

Variable & Coeff.   & robust S.E. & lower 95% KI & upper 95% KI \\
Var1     & x.22^(*) & (xxxxx)     & [xxxxx       &  xxxxx]      \\

Maybe someone has any suggestions how to implement this kind of table?

Best regards,
Jan Henckens

jan.henckens | jöllenbecker str. 58 | 33613 bielefeld
tel 0521-5251970

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