[R] Listing of available functions

Matthew Dowle mdowle at mdowle.plus.com
Tue Jan 4 13:41:41 CET 2011

Try :

Also, as it happens, a new package called unknownR is in
development on R-Forge.

It's description says :
  Do you know how many functions there are in base R?
  How many of them do you know you don't know?
  Run unk() to discover your unknown unknowns.
  It's fast and it's fun !

It's not ready to try yet (and may not live up to it's promises)
but hopefully should be ready soon.


"Sébastien Bihorel" <pomchip at free.fr> wrote in message 
news:AANLkTinfpMThB2OsGjckEO3jWsqHW+-ZDyd0xtdMK8ix at mail.gmail.com...
> Dear R-users,
> Is there a easy way to access to a complete listing of available functions
> from a R session? The help.start() and ? functions are great, but I feel
> like they require the user to know the answer in advance (especially with
> respect to function names)... I could not find a easy way to simply browse
> through a list of functions and randomly pick one function to see what is
> does.
> Is there such a possibility in R?
> Thanks
> PS: I apologize if this question appears trivial.
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