[R] RSQLite to input dataframe

Andreas Borg andreas.borg at unimedizin-mainz.de
Tue Jan 4 13:37:29 CET 2011

Hi Amy,
> Suppose I have a dataframe as given below.
> DF = data.frame(X = c("US", "UK", "Canada", "Australia", "Newzealand"), Y = c(52, 36, 74, 10, 98))
> drv <- dbDriver("SQLite")
> tfile <- tempfile()
> con <- dbConnect(drv, dbname = tfile)
> data(DF)
> dbWriteTable(con, ......., .......) # Didn't know what to write here.

data() loads data sets which ship with R or an extension package. Your 
data frame DF is already in the working environment, hence it is neither 
possible nor necessary to "load" it, the expression


is an error. The command to write DF to a database would be something like

dbWriteTable(con, "DF", DF)

where the second argument is the name of the database table to write to, the third argument the data frame you want to write (please have a look at the documentation).

> I understand I have raised a query in a stupid manner. I need to understand is there any way I can use SQLite to read
>  dataframe or for that matter any csv file say e.g. 'DF.csv'.

To copy a CSV file to SQLite, read it via read.table() or read.csv() first, then copy the result with dbWriteTable. There might be a way to read files directly from SQLite, but I don't know about that.

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