[R] Please, need help with a plot

Victor F Seabra vseabra at uol.com.br
Sun Jan 2 18:34:08 CET 2011

   Please, I wonder if someone knows how to add the
   less than or equal to symbol in the plot generated by the code below:
   var1<-c('age <= 3','age <= 7','age <= 10','age <= 11','age <= 20','age <=
   25','age <= 30','age <= 45','age <= 50','age < 55','age >= 55')
   table1<-data.frame(var1, var2)
   title(x=15,y=5,expression("how  to  substitute  the  < = with the " <=
   Please, note that the data must come from a table (not manually fed in a
   text command)
   I received help yesterday and learned a fix using
   \u2264, eval, parse, and sprintf  but the symbols generated by this fix are
   not exported to an .EPS file
   Kind regards,

   Victor Faria Seabra, MD

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