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Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 17:55:09 CEST 2011

Hi. Comments below

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 2:32 AM, agent dunham <crosspide at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, thanks, I think I've changed the previous as you told me but I'm having
> this error, what does it mean?
> model<- lm(log(v1)~log(v2)+v3, data=dat)
> newax<- expand.grid(
>    v2 = seq(min(log(dat$v2)), max(log(dat$v2)), length=100),
>    v3= seq(min(dat$v3), max(dat$v3), length=100))
> fit <- predict(model,newax)
> graph <- regr2.plot(x=seq(min(log(dat$v2)), max(log(dat$v2)), length=100),
>                 y=seq(min(dat$v3), max(dat$v3), length=100),
>                 z= matrix(fit, 100, 100), main="Least-squares",
>             resid.plot= TRUE, plot.base.points= TRUE, expand=0.5,
> ticktype="detailed", theta=-45)
> Error en cbind(x, y, z, 1) %*% pmat : argumentos no compatibles
> Thanks again, user at host.com

I've struggled with these 3d things before.  You should supply us the
full testable program to fix.  Here I've fiddled around and can get a
plot from persp or regr2.plot, but I understand it is not informative.
 But the plot does run, and maybe you will see how to fix.

Generally, I would suggest you do the separate work in separate steps,
not all jammed together inside regr2.plot.  If you do each bit
separately, then you can inspect the result and be sure it is good.


##PJ 2011-04-27
## testing to address question in r-help on persp and regr2.plot

v1 <- rnorm(100,m=100,s=10)
v2 <- rnorm(100, m=1000, s=100)
v3 <- rnorm(100)
dat <- data.frame(v1,v2,v3)
model<- lm(log(v1)~log(v2)+v3, data=dat)

rv2 <- range(dat$v2)
plv2 <- seq(rv2[1], rv2[2], length.out=100)

rv3 <- range(dat$v3)
plv3 <- seq(rv3[1], rv3[2], length.out=100)

newax<- expand.grid(
   v2 = plv2,
   v3= plv3)

fit <- predict(model,newax)

zmat <- matrix(fit,100,100)

persp(x=plv2, y=plv3, z=zmat)

graph <- regr2.plot(x= plv2,
                z=zmat, main="Least-squares",
            resid.plot= TRUE, plot.base.points= TRUE, expand=0.5,
ticktype="detailed", theta=-45)

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