[R] How to get R plots with FastRweb

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Wed Apr 20 17:27:23 CEST 2011


FastRWeb doesn't use Java - it is entirely R based so all you need is a web server with either CGI or PHP. The client it uses is either a C++ client (part of FastRWeb in the cgi-bin directory of the installed package - just copy to you server's cgi-bin) or a PHP client (in Rserve/src/client/php/simple.php - simply uncomment process_FastRWeb()). The location of the R scripts it serves is defined by PROJECT_ROOT at the time you compile FastRWeb which is by default /var/FastRWeb so by default foo.png.R would be /var/FastRWeb/web.R/foo.png.R 

Clearly, you could use Java to connect to the Rserve serving FastRWeb but it sort of defeats the purpose, because FastRWeb does all the work for you consisting of parsing the request and running the scripts.

If you still have issues, I can point you to a sample configuration including the setup etc. (for a unix server) if that helps.


PS: please use stats-rosuda-devel mailing list - I'm not monitoring R-help.

On Apr 20, 2011, at 3:14 AM, MLSC MANIPAL wrote:

> Dear friends,
> I am working in a web service project which uses integration of Java with R. I have used RJava to connect with Java and that is working fine. As R produces more interactive plots, I would also like to pipe plots generate from R on web page. I came to know that FastRWeb, R2HTML, brew and WebGraphics, Cairo together can be used to do that. I have installed all those successfully. I am developing my web service project with NetBeans. For testing purpose I have used the excersie (kmeans) given in the FastRWeb document.I have put the kmeans.png.R program in my netbeansProject/R directory where other java code runs properly.
> student at mlscubl30:~/NetBeansProjects/R$ ls
> build  build.xml  dist  kmeans.png.R  nbproject  src  test  web
> student at mlscubl30:~/NetBeansProjects/R$ 
> When i try to execute it with http://localhost:8080/R/kmeans.png in browser it does not execute it. Hence can you please tell me what exactly i have to do in order to make it up and run?
> thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Devi
> Manipal Life Sciences Center

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