[R] S: expert mailing list for general statistical questions

Sascha Vieweg saschaview at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 13:44:30 CEST 2011

Hello R users and experts

Once in a while I have got questions that are not so much 
R-related but related to (social scientific) statistics in 
general. R-help would be the wrong list for such posts, and I am 
looking for a similar mailing list or newsgroup (nntp). (It is 
just a personal taste that I don't like web forums.) I have 
googled and found a variety here: 
http://mathstore.ac.uk/?q=node/1447 -- e.g. the list stats-discuss 
(which failed to load), and the newsgroups sci.stat.consult and 

However, before stumbling around, could you give a good 
recommendation on a mailing list or newsgroup appropriate for such 

Thanks for your tips.

Regards, *S*

Sascha Vieweg, saschaview at gmail.com

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