[R] problem reading csv file

Petr Pikal p.pik at centrum.cz
Tue Apr 19 20:47:52 CEST 2011

Dear all

I have several files which claim to be *.csv (one attached, maybe it
will come through) . They can be read to Open Office without much
problem, however I can not read them into R. I tried
read.table("H2O.CSV", sep=",", dec=".")
1 ˙ţ1
> read.table("H2O.CSV", sep=",", dec=".", skip=1)
Error in read.table("H2O.CSV", sep = ",", dec = ".", skip = 1) :
empty beginning of file

> readLines("H2O.CSV", 1)
[1] "˙ţ1"

> readLines("H2O.CSV", 5)
[1] "˙ţ1" "" "" "" ""

readChar("H2O.CSV", 10)
[1] "˙ţ1"
> readBin("H2O.CSV", 10)
[1] 9.456937e-308

This is how first two lines appear in Notepad


The problem seems to be in first item "˙ţ1" which somehow blocks
further values to be read.

Does anybody have idea what to do or where to look for some help? I do
not want to transfer files through spreadsheet manually.

Best regards

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