[R] Odp: boxplot with 2 treatments and 2 variables (with 2 corresponding y-axes)

Petr PIKAL petr.pikal at precheza.cz
Mon Apr 18 08:29:45 CEST 2011


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> Hi,
> I am a complete newcomer to R and although I can plot standard box-plots 
I am 
> struggling with this...
> I have two treatments - A & B, and 2 variables 1 & 2. I want to compare 
> boxplots of variable 1 with variable 2 for each treatment. I would also 
> them to all be on the same graphic.
> I would like treatment to be on the x axis (A and B) and above A and B 
> their corresponding boxplots for both variables.I would also like 2 
> y-axes, one for each variable - Variable 1 has a continuous y axis, and 
> variable 2 is a percentage (of variable 1 in-fact, not that this should 
make a
> difference).
> It would also be helpful if the boxplots were a different colour for 
> variable and that this corresponded somehow to the relevant axis. Or if 
> someone can think of another way to show which treatment each boxplot is 
> would be gratefully recieved

Here is one option

trt<-sample(letters[1:2], 10, replace=T)
df<-cbind(c(x,y), rep(trt,2), rep(c("v1","v2"), each=10))
boxplot(split(df[,1], interaction(df[,2], df[,3])))
however you have only one y axis. Similar result but better structured you 
can get using ggplot2 or lattice packages.

Having 2 y axes is rather confusing but you can scale your values and add 
axis annotation with
axis(....) but I doubt it is worth an effort.


> Hope this makes sense and isn't too much of a pain to answer!
> Thanks in advance
> Dave
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