[R] converting data.frame into a numeric ( integer) form

Haillie nal at princeton.edu
Sun Apr 17 19:29:56 CEST 2011

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to R and would appreciate your help on this problem that
I encontered this morning.
When running an ordinal IRT model using Ratings package on R, I keep getting
this error message.

ord.out<-ordrating(UNORD, burnin = 1000, mcmc = 40,000, thin = 400, tune =
1, verbose = 1000, seed = NA)

Error in as.vector(as.integer(Y)) : 
  (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'integer'

UNORD is my data.frame and it is in the form of delimited CSV file without
either row or column name.
According to the help page on Ordinal ratings, Y should be "a Matrix of data
to be analyzed. Entries must be integers from 1; : : : ;C or NA where C is
the number of ordinal categories. Items are on the rows and subjects are on
the columns." I am confused because my data.frame only contains numerica
values of 1,2,3, and NA. I checked and my NAs were all numeric. 

Any help or advice you could provide on this issue would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you very much.
I would like to thank all the R experts navigating this forum in advance. 


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