[R] Problem using package 'cgdsr' behind http proxy

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Sat Apr 16 14:54:20 CEST 2011

Dear R-users, -developers and -maintainers,

The situation is the following. My colleagues and me need to use the CGDSR-
package (http://www.cbioportal.org/cgx/cgds_r.jsp) on a Ubuntu 10.04 64bit 
workstation behind a HTTP proxy at campus. We 
are using R 2.12.2 (2011-02-25) retrieved via the Ubuntu-CRAN-repository.

Prior to starting R, the environment variable "HTTP_PROXY" is set via
	export HTTP_PROXY="username:password at server:port"

Within R
prints the correct variable.

After successful loading the cgdsr-library, a URL handler is set with
but when executing the test
it returns an error stating, that it could not connect to the URL above on 
port 80. Thus I deduce, that the HTTP proxy settings are not used by the CGDSR 

As I could not find a anything related to this problem in the CGDS 
documentation, I am posting here.
Is there any way of using a HTTP proxy with the CGDS package?

Thanks in advance for all your replies.

Kind regards
Torbjoern Klatt

University of Applied Science Koblenz
RheinAhrCampus Remagen
Department of Mathematics and Technology
Suedallee 2
53424 Remagen
email: klatt _at_ rheinahrcampus _dot_ de

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