[R] Monte Carlo Simulation

Shane Phillips SPhillips at Lexington1.net
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I apologize for my last post.  here is the script I forgot to paste!

eth=runif(1*1000, min=1, max=4)
cogat=rnorm(1*1000, 100, 16)
map=rnorm(1*1000, 200, 9)
simtest=data.frame (subject=subject, treat=treat, gender=gender, eth=round(eth,digits=0), cogat=round(cogat,digits=0),map=round(map,digits=0),growth)
simtest<-transform(simtest, growth=rnorm(1000,m=ifelse(treat==0,0.1,0.5),s=0.03))

Once again the issues are the correlations, the recoding of the categorical variable and the iterations.

Thanks to all who have helped so far!  You are all so smart!

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What have you tried so far?

It is often helpful to begin with a much simpler problem, then add
complexity incrementally until you've constructed the desired model.

Best wishes.

Charles Annis, P.E.

Charles.Annis at StatisticalEngineering.com

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Hello, R friends...

I am very new to R, and I need some help.  I am trying to construct a
simulation for my dissertation.

I need to create 1000 datasets of 1000 subjects with the following

Treatment variable - Drawn from a binomial distribution (1 run, prob=.13)
Covariate 1 - Drawn from a normal distribution (mean=100, sd=16)
Covariate 2 - Drawn from a normal distribution (mean=200, sd=9)
Covariates 1 and 2 need to be correlated (say, r=.80)
Covariate 3 - Drawn from a binomial distribution (1 run, prob=.5)
Covariate 4 - Drawn from a distribution of discrete variables where 1 has an
80% chance of being selected, 2  - 10%, 3 - 5% and 4 - 5%.  This variable
would need to be recoded into 4 binary variables.
Covariate 5 - Drawn from a normal distribution (mean=84, sd=2)
Covariate 6 - Drawn from a binomial distribution (1 run, prob=.15)
Covariate 6 needs to correlate with Covariate 2 (r=.70, or so)

I need each dataset saved as a new datafile with an iterative filename (e.g.
sample1, sample2, etc.).

Please help!



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