[R] glmnet

Alexander Engelhardt alex at chaotic-neutral.de
Wed Apr 13 17:53:00 CEST 2011

Am 13.04.2011 16:58, schrieb Janina Hemmersbach:
> Hello,
> I´m trying to in install the package 'glmnet' but I get always the error massage "package ‘Matrix’ is not available". I search on you site, but I coundn´t find the package there either. Is their still a package called "Matrix"? Or how can I use "glmnet"?

I had the same error when I tried
 > install.packages("glmnet")

However, it worked when I first installed Matrix and then glmnet:
 > install.packages("Matrix")
 > install.packages("glmnet")

Have you tried this?

  -- Alex

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