[R] list to data frame

Franklin Tamborello II Franklin.Tamborello at uth.tmc.edu
Sun Apr 10 20:01:39 CEST 2011

I need to make a data frame out of the data that I currently have in a list. This works, but is ugly:
ineffData<-rbind(ineffFilesList[[1]], ineffFilesList[[2]], ineffFilesList[[3]], ineffFilesList[[4]], ineffFilesList[[5]], ineffFilesList[[6]], ineffFilesList[[7]], ineffFilesList[[8]], ineffFilesList[[9]], ineffFilesList[[10]], ineffFilesList[[11]], ineffFilesList[[12]], ineffFilesList[[13]], ineffFilesList[[14]], ineffFilesList[[15]], ineffFilesList[[16]], ineffFilesList[[17]], ineffFilesList[[18]], ineffFilesList[[19]], ineffFilesList[[20]], ineffFilesList[[21]], ineffFilesList[[22]], ineffFilesList[[23]], ineffFilesList[[24]], ineffFilesList[[25]], ineffFilesList[[26]], ineffFilesList[[27]])

What's an efficient way of doing this such that the computer will do the work of recurring through the list of elements of ineffFilesList?

Much appreciation,

Frank Tamborello, PhD
W. M. Keck Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Biomedical Informatics
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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