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David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Sat Apr 9 12:25:01 CEST 2011

On Apr 8, 2011, at 3:20 PM, DEBERGH Patrick wrote:

> hello
> I am at the very beginneing of using the R program
> I just don't understand how one can save a programfile
> For exemple, if I type in R  23+456 and want to save this file under  
> a ceratin name to reload it later, i just don't get the way to do it
> I can save it with the save function;I acheive to see that I have a  
> file with the name, but no way to understand how to reload or re- 
> suse it

Generally one creates an R script file in an editor and then uses the  
source() function to bring it into R and be executed. Saving data is  
done with the `save` function, ... what else? There is also a history  
mechanism on most OSes, which you have not given us the details. It is  
a separate system that at least on Windows and Macs should be  
operative unless turned off. There are functions that allow you to  
access this file:


You should be able to get prior input from the history file during a  
console session by typing the up-arrow (perhaps repeatedly).

> in the official r manuel this is very badly described for first  
> users..

Not sure what you are using as the "Official R Manual". "Introduction  
to R" would be the usual first document.

Try reading the Posting Guide which is linked at the bottom of every  
posting. It has much useful information in it including what is  
requested of persons experiencing difficulties who post to the list.

> thanks helping me saving R programs
> Best regards

David Winsemius, MD
Heritage Laboratories
West Hartford, CT

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