[R] asking about contour plot with R

nferreri at fceia.unr.edu.ar nferreri at fceia.unr.edu.ar
Fri Apr 8 15:16:51 CEST 2011

I'm working in Rosario, Argentina, trying to plot some contours.

I found the function "draw.contour" created by James Forester at
R-bloggers. If you take a look at that function you'll see it's very

But I have a problem with it and James is trying to help me (but also
asked me to seek for more help) I hope you can help me (don't worry if you

Using "draw.contour" I get the contour but I want to place it in a
cartesian-coordinate system where x = "Componente 1" range between -1 y 1
and y = "Componente 2" range between 0 and 3, regardless of xrange or

Of course, xrange and yrange are important to obtain an adequate contour
plot but I want to see that contour in the cartesian coordinate system I
told you before.

so I put ylim = c(0,3) and xlim = c(-1,1) but R ignores those sentences
and gives me a graphic using xrange and yrange as limits

can anyone help me? I hope you can understand my problem (and my poor
english!!!). if you don't, tell me and i'll send you more information

thank you very much!!!

noemí ferreri

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