[R] R and multithread

David martin vilanew at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 14:27:27 CEST 2011

Sorry if this question has been posted before but could't find out 
exactly an answer to the question....

I'm doing bioinformatics and doing small RNA sequencing that make use of 
packages such as DESeq and EDGE. For those familiar with this data you 
will notice that you end up having large matrices with millions of 
entries. So i guess many people might be facing the same problem of 
dealing with so big matrices. and vectors.

I've heard of people using other math libraries (since the default R 
math lib is single core). to compile R and make it use several procs on 
the server. I'm not familiar with the different math libs availables 

Can i use faster math libraries so that R uses the full procs capacities 
of my server ?

I'm running 2.12.2 on an  linux server (16cpu with 32Gb ram).

thanks for your tips,

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