[R] Quick question about duplicating vectors

David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Mon Apr 4 00:17:55 CEST 2011

On Apr 3, 2011, at 6:04 PM, Xiaoxi Gao wrote:

> Hello R users,
> I have a quick question, if I have a data set a, say
> a <- c(1,2,3,4,5)

You might as well learn to use more precise R terminology... that is a  

> and I want to get a new data set b,
> b <- c(1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5,5)
> Could anyone tell me how I can obtain this?



David Winsemius, MD
West Hartford, CT

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