[R] Syntax coloring in R console

Alexander Engelhardt alex at chaotic-neutral.de
Fri Apr 1 17:17:22 CEST 2011

Am 01.04.2011 17:02, schrieb Joshua Wiley:
> Dear January,
> Have you looked at Emacs + ESS?  http://ess.r-project.org/
> It highlights in the text editor and the actual R process besides
> coming with a rich set of features and a mailing list filled with
> helpful Emacs&  R users.  I've tried several different interfaces and
> ended up being happiest by far with Emacs + ESS.  I also seem to
> recall Kate or Kedit at least highlighted .R files, but I am not in a
> position to check right now.

Another vote for Emacs + ESS here.
I think sooner or later you'll need some kind of editor (with built-in 
syntax highlighing) to save your code. The "naked" R console won't do it 
forever :)

Although I didn't like Emacs at first because of its steep learning 
curve, after a while you'll love the keyboard shortcuts for everything.

Also, this add-on is very useful. It makes Shift-Enter send your lines 
to R (and a bit more):

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