[R] Problem with unlist

Luis Felipe Parra felipe.parra at quantil.com.co
Mon Sep 27 01:12:36 CEST 2010

Hello I want to unlist the attached element getting only the first element
in each element of the list. The last element of the list looks as this:

[1] 274.4
[1] 378.2667
[1] 23.33333

So I would like to get for each element of the list the element called
Pluv3Meses. The whole list has 5065 elements but when I try to unlist it I
am getting 5081 elements I don't know why:

> length(unlist(sapply(SumaPluvi,"[",1)))
[1] 5081

Does anybody know what can be happening?

Thank You

Felipe Parra

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