[R] lme, groupedData, random intercept and slope

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from the output, I think it's both.

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Subject: [R] lme, groupedData, random intercept and slope

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Does the following use of groupedData and lme produce an analysis with both 
random intercept and slope, or only random slope?

zz<-groupedData(y~time |  Subject,data=data.frame(data),
              labels = list( x = "Time",
                y = "y" ),
              units = list( x = "(yr)", y = "(mm)")


Linear mixed-effects model fit by REML
Data: zz 
        AIC       BIC  logLik
  -123.1942 -115.2010 67.5971

Random effects:
Formula: ~time | Subject
Structure: General positive-definite
            StdDev       Corr  
(Intercept) 6.054897e+00 (Intr)
time        4.160662e-05 1    
Residual    9.775954e-04      

Fixed effects: y ~ time 
                Value Std.Error DF   t-value p-value
(Intercept) 15.000217  1.914727 19     7.834       0
time        -1.000051  0.000219 19 -4566.598       0
time 0.059 

Standardized Within-Group Residuals:
        Min          Q1         Med          Q3         Max 
-1.73706837 -0.36289558  0.06892484  0.59777067  1.69095476 

Number of Observations: 30
Number of Groups: 10 

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