[R] CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week

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Mon Sep 6 01:40:13 CEST 2010

CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week

New packages

* CFL (0.1)
  Maintainer: Pablo Michel Marin Ortega
  Author(s): Pablo Michel Marin Ortega, Kornelius Rohmeyer

  The main results on this project are: a package to analyze the data
  based on compensatory fuzzy logic algorithms and a reasoner for the
  compensatory fuzzy logic.

* LVQTools (1.0)
  Maintainer: Sander Kelders
  Author(s): Sander Kelders <sakelders at gmail.com>

  This package provides several LVQ algorithms along with different
  usage methods and output visualization.

Updated packages

adimpro (0.7.5), Boruta (1.3), CORElearn (0.9.28), DoE.wrapper
(0.8-1), Epi (1.1.17), FBN (1.5), GenABEL (1.6-4), GeneReg (1.1.2),
Metabonomic (3.3.2), MIfuns (4.0.17), MIfuns (4.0.18), OrdFacReg
(1.0.2), PairViz (1.1), R.matlab (1.3.2), R2Cuba (1.0-5), R2Cuba
(1.0-6), RcmdrPlugin.qual (1.0.0), RExcelInstaller (3.1-8), Rserve
(0.6-2), SMCP (1.1.2), SMCP (1.1.3), SPOT (0.1.1016), SubpathwayMiner

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