[R] Detecting Growth Trends

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> If the test rejects the null, then it has determined that the new set of
> incoming data is no longer purely oscillatory in the mean reverting sense
> (it is now unit root and exhibits growth).  Unless I misinterpreted, the OP
> wants to find a statistical method to determine such behavior beyond purely
> eyeballing the data stream.
> Since I assume the OP is also referring to a dynamic data stream, one could
> simply run the test with a sliding window and use the p result to determine
> if the regime is changing from mean reverting to growth.
> I'm not sure how an alternate form of regression fitting says anything about
> the question as I interpreted it (although, hopefully the poster can
> respond).
> --

No intention of starting a flamewar and thanks for the many suggestions.
Indeed in my case I am not looking for a fit, but, as you nicely put it, 
for something a bit more on the quantitative side than eyeballing.
Many thanks


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