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Dear R-users

sorry, here Rcode included (attachment has been removed)

I would like to read a txt file as list, to select rows and columns, and to create barplots.

(1) selection of parameter site and part: ok
(2) read txt file as list: problem with (1) as there are NA's (the lines not selected)

(3) barplot: 5 different groups of bars (the selected columns H5,H8, S5,S8, C8). In each group 4 different bars (parameter diversity)
--> error in -0.01*height: non-numeric argument to binary operator

As (2) gives NULL, I think that there is a mistake in my r-script with the vector/list function.



PA<-read.table("Biotree_partitioning.txt", header=TRUE)
KANE.LIST<-vector("list", dim(PA[KANE,])[2]-4)

barplot(KANE.LIST, col=as.numeric(PA$diveristy))


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