[R] accuracy of GLM dispersion parameters

Timothy_Handley at nps.gov Timothy_Handley at nps.gov
Tue Nov 30 17:54:19 CET 2010

>From Ben Bolker:
>  I would trust the gamma.dispersion() result more, although I
>agree that the difference is worrisome.  The way to look at this
>further would be to profile the dispersion parameter.  As I recall
>there isn't such a built in option in MASS (profile.glm only
>profiles the coefficients), but you may be able to do it
>*approximately* like this:
>m1 <- mle2(precip_sbi ~ dgamma(shape=a,scale=mu/a),
>   parameters=list(mu~precip_oxx+precip_oxx_sq),
>   data=w.combo, start=list(mu=0.1,a=2))
>p1 <- profile(m1)

Ben: Thanks for the suggestion. I ran the code you sent, and according to
the graphical profile, the 99% confidence interval for shape is [.4, .7],
corresponding to a 99% interval for the dispersion parameter of [1.4, 2.5].
So your profile tool agrees with gamma.dispersion().

I now feel more somewhat more comfortable about gamma.dispersion(), but I'm
still worried by the difference between summary() and gamma.dispersion().
While I have a basic understanding of GLM's, I don't understand why the
reported value for dispersion would be 'crude'. Note that the word 'crude'
comes from help(gamma.shape) {MASS}.

If you or anyone else could help me further understand this issue, I'd
greatly appreciate it.

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