[R] non-linear fourth-order differential equations

Soetaert, Karline K.Soetaert at nioo.knaw.nl
Tue Nov 30 12:37:54 CET 2010

Hi Yanika,

Depending on whether your problem is an initial value problem or a
boundary value problem, you can find solution methods in R-packages
deSolve (IVP) and bvpSolve (BVP).

The solvers in deSolve only solve differential equations written in
first-order form; bvpSolve can handle higher-order DEs.

For use in deSolve, you need to rewrite the 4th order DE as a set of 4
first-order equations:
d''''y /dt = f(t,y) then becomes:
dy1 = y2; dy2 = y3; dy3 = y4; dy4 = f(t,y)

Hope this helps,


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I need to solve a system of non-linear fourth-order differential
equations. Is there a command which solves this system?

Thanks in advance.

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