[R] extracting P values from lm model

Rosario Garcia Gil M.Rosario.Garcia at genfys.slu.se
Mon Nov 29 16:24:56 CET 2010


I am trying to get out of an lm model the fstatistics, however after I run the model I write 
> names(Model)

and the fstatistic does not appear only these.

 [1] "coefficients"  "residuals"     "effects"       "rank"          "fitted.values"
 [6] "assign"        "qr"            "df.residual"   "xlevels"       "call"         
[11] "terms"         "model"  

How could I extract the P values? I have run a cbind of 1800 response variables so is not easy to do it by hand.

Thanks in advance.

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