[R] Legend symbols mixed char and integer

Mike Prager mike.prager at mhprager.com
Sun Nov 28 06:02:12 CET 2010

Dear Gurus,

R 2.11.1 on Windows XP.

This is a problem in interaction between R and pdftex.

I need to generate a plot with both open and filled circles. It is
simple enough, using pch=1 and pch=16.

The R pdf graphics output is going into pdftex 1.40.10 (MikTeX 2.8).

The R pdf is correct when viewed in other viewers. However, pdftex
fills the open circles.  I can work around this problem by using
pch="o" for the open circles. However, that messes up the figure

Is it possible to use the pch argument of legend() to specify both a
symbol number and a character? I haven't found the way.

Or is there some known work-around for the pdftex bug?


Mike Prager, NC, USA

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