[R] factorial ANOVA for block/split-plot design

Mari Pesek marifrances at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 17:25:42 CET 2010


To add more detail to my last post in which I asked for help regarding
a complex ANOVA, I've attached my data and have included my most
recent attempts at analysis. Although I tried to refer to the maiz
example as Rich suggested (and thank you, Rich, for suggesting it), I
didn't understand how to apply its methods to my data. If someone
could explain what's going on in that example to some degree, I would
appreciate it.

Anyway, my recent attempts are R code include the following:

m = aov(biomass ~ (N * P * seeds) + Error(1/N * P) + (seeds),
data=data), which gives me incorrect SSs but gives multiple error
terms (which I want).

m = aov(biomass ~ (N * P * seeds) + Error(1/sub.plot) + (seeds),
data=data), which gives correct SSs, but only one error term, thus
giving me incorrect F and p values.

("incorrect" is based on an analysis run in SPSS that I am trying to
replicate in R).

Thank you for your help!


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