[R] Error in solve.default(V, W) with ProDenICA and the required sample size for stable result

Randel randel.wang at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 16:54:12 CET 2010


Recently I confronted with a error in using package ProDenICA, when let k<p
(exactly the example code with k=1,
Error in solve.default(V, W) : 'b' must be compatible with 'a'

I have examined the code of function ProDenICA(), but could not find the reason.

And how large is the sample size N generally required for a stable and
robust result?
I tried a sample of N=30 and get a very fluctuated mixing matrix A
with fastICA algorithm in package fastICA,
and the results become quite stable for a similar sample with N=60.

Thanks for your patient reply!


School of Statistics,
Renmin University of China.

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