[R] empity value in colnames

M.Ribeiro mresendeufv at yahoo.com.br
Mon Nov 22 23:36:08 CET 2010

Hi Guys.
I have a matrix which has names in every other column and the other one is
empity ("")

     X10000     X10001     X10002
[1,] "A"    "G" "A"    "G" "G"   
[2,] "G"    "G" "A"    "G" "A"   
[3,] "G"    "G" "A"    "A" "A"   
[4,] "G"    "G" "A"    "A" "A"   
[5,] "A"    "G" "A"    "A" "A"

I am creating another matrix (I called here subset) which cbinds information
from another matrix (not shown) and a subset of this example matrix above
(let's say column 1 and 2) and save as .prn file

  Sequence family  clone female  male X10000 V2 X10001 V4
1    40003    400 540003  10005 22055      A  G      A  G
2    40011    400 540011  10005 22055      G  G      A  G
3    40014    400 540014  10005 22055      G  G      A  A
4    40042    400 540042  10005 22055      G  G      A  A
5    40057    400 540057  10005 22055      A  G      A  A

Everytime I do it, it creates a column name ("V2" and "V4" in bold) where it
should be empty ("").
Do you guys  have any clue on how to to this?


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