[R] RCurl : All connection are used ?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 19:13:55 CET 2010

I guess I would just comment that for many tasks I try
to keep the work in dedicated tools. In this case, command
line versions of curl or even wget. The reason is things
like this that come up talking to foreign entitites.
Also the learning curve can be amortized over many other
efforts that require same file transfers etc.
I just mention this for rebuttals from R experts.

From: omerle at laposte.net
To: r-help at r-project.org
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 18:33:07 +0100
Subject: [R] RCurl : All connection are used ?

Hi everybody,

I got a problem with the ftpUpload function from the RCurl package. My goal is to Upload a lot of files from a local directory to a web server.

1st try :

for (i in 1:length(file)){
At i=11 I get : (my server has only 10 available open connections available) :
Erreur dans curlPerform(url = to, upload = TRUE, readfunction = uploadFunctionHandler(what, :
Got a 421 ftp-server response when 220 was expected

2 nd Try :

for (i in 1:length(file)){
And I got this error after 30 files (the error is not linked to the web server but to the R session) :
Error in file(file, "rb") : all conection are used

I read the documentation and the options from curl library but I can't find how to solve my problem even if I think that the problem is linked to not closing the position I opened. Do you have any idea how to solve it ?


Olivier Merle

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