[R] Rlanguage plr and loadiing climatol package

David Potts dave.potts at pinan.co.uk
Sat Nov 20 21:25:16 CET 2010

Hi List

I am trying to call the R library function rosavent from the climatol
package via the plr interface package to the postgres database.

My code is a follows

create or replace function w_graph() returns text as
str <- pg.spi.exec("select
n,nne,ne,ene,e,ese,se,sse,s,ssw,sw,wsw,w,wnw,nw,nnw from wdata");
rosavent(str,4,4,ang=-3*pi/16,main="Annual windrose")


When invoked it gives the error

# select w_graph();
ERROR:  R interpreter expression evaluation error
DETAIL:  Error in PLR7843132 <- function() { : could not find function
CONTEXT:  In PL/R function w_graph

I assume this means it can not find the rosavent function from the
climatol package.

I have loaded the climatol package using the following syntax

I assume that the an R process created by the plr interface will load a
library, does any body know how I tell it to load it?

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