[R] About upgrade R

csrabak cesar.rabak at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 14:02:38 CET 2010

Em 16/11/2010 04:55, Tal Galili escreveu:
> Hello Cesar,
> Thank you for the reply.
> Another question I have is if it is possible to detect the library path of
> an old R install, from the terminal of the new R install.
> Cheers,

An at large reply would be no.  The old install can be in a completely 
different directory and obtaining this information is somewhat OS 
dependent.  For Linux and Windows you can use some tools from these OS 
to query the location of installed programs¹.


Cesar Rabak

[1] Albeit in Linux parlance the programs are called 'packages' as well 
so need to be careful.

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