[R] Extending a plot in a loop (With attachment)

Nasrin Pak astronasrin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 19:23:38 CET 2010

My problem is that I have a data set for every day of measurement in a
seperate file and I want to plot one parameter of the data for all the days
in one graph. I tried to use for loop but only the last data remains in the
program memory, I don`t know how to plot each day`s data continusly after
the others(or how to extending the x axis.) Would you please help me with

This a plot for one day:

<-read.table("C:/updated_CFL_Rad_files/2008/RAD_2008_JD101_0410.dat", header
= TRUE,sep = ",", quote = " ", dec = ".")
> attach(radiation.data)
The following object(s) are masked from 'radiation.data (position 3)':

    Batt_avg, Batt_st, Day, Hour, Kdown_avg, Kdown_st, LW_in, LW_in_st,
    Minute, Month, PanelT_avg, PanelT_st, PAR_avg, PAR_st, Sec,
    Tcase_avg, Tcase_st, Tdome_avg, Tdome_st, Thermopile_avg,
    Thermopile_st, Tuv_avg, Tuv_st, Uva_avg, Uva_st, Uvb_avg, Uvb_st,
> names(radiation.data)
 [1] "Year"           "Month"          "Day"            "Hour"
 [5] "Minute"         "Sec"            "Batt_avg"       "PanelT_avg"
 [9] "Batt_st"        "PanelT_st"      "Kdown_avg"      "Thermopile_avg"
[13] "Tcase_avg"      "Tdome_avg"      "LW_in"          "PAR_avg"
[17] "Tuv_avg"        "Uvb_avg"        "Uva_avg"        "Kdown_st"
[21] "Thermopile_st"  "Tcase_st"       "Tdome_st"       "LW_in_st"
[25] "PAR_st"         "Tuv_st"         "Uvb_st"         "Uva_st"


and this is the algorithm I tried  for plotting all the data in one plot:

x<- matrix( list.files("C:/updated_CFL_Rad_files",full=TRUE)) # putting all
data sets in a matrix
  for(i in 1:100) {
      if(i < 101) next
     radiation.data <-read.table(x[i], header = TRUE,sep = ",", quote = " ",
dec = ".")
dev.print(device=postscript, "C:/graph5.eps", onefile=FALSE,
The plot I see is the last file's plot, I don't know how to keep previous
data and continue within the same plot.

* I have attached a sample of the data to this email.


Nasrin  Pak


Nasrin  Pak

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