[R] randomForest parameters for image classification

Deschamps, Benjamin Benjamin.Deschamps at AGR.GC.CA
Tue Nov 16 17:15:49 CET 2010

I have modified my code since asking my original question. The
classifier is now generated correctly (with a good, low error rate, as
expected). However, I am running into two issues: 

1) I am getting an error at the prediction stage, I get only NA's when I
try to run data down the forest;
2) I run out of memory when generating the forest with more than 200
trees due to the large block of memory already occupied by the training

Here is my code:


# Set some user variables
fn = "image.pix"
outraster = "output.pix"
training_band = 2
validation_band = 1

# Get the training data
myraster = stack(fn)
training_class = subset(myraster, training_band)
training_class[training_class == 0] = NA
training_class = Which(training_class != 0, cells=TRUE)
training_data = extract(myraster, training_class)
training_response = as.factor(as.vector(training_data[,training_band]))
training_predictors = training_data[,3:nlayers(myraster)]

# Create and save the forest
r_tree = randomForest(training_predictors, y=training_response, ntree =
200, keep.forest=TRUE) # Runs out of memory with ntree > ~200
remove(training_predictors, training_response)

# Classify the whole image
predictor_data = subset(myraster, 3:nlayers(myraster))
layerNames(predictor_data) = layerNames(myraster)[3:nlayers(myraster)]
predictions = predict(predictor_data, r_tree, filename=outraster,
format="PCIDSK", overwrite=TRUE, progress="text", type="response") #All

See also a thread I started on
ge-multiband-rasters about improving the efficiency of collecting the
training data...

Thanks, Benjamin

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Please show us the code you used to run randomForest, the output, as
well as what you get with other algorithms (on the same random subset
for comparison).  I have yet to see a dataset where randomForest does
_far_ worse than other methods.


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> I am implementing an image classification algorithm using the
> randomForest package. The training data consists of 31000+ training
> cases over 26 variables, plus one factor predictor variable (the
> training class). The main issue I am encountering is very low overall
> classification accuracy (a lot of confusion between classes). 
> However, I
> know from other classifications (including a regular decision tree
> classifier) that the training and validation data is sound and capable
> of producing good accuracies). 
> Currently, I am using the default parameters (500 trees, mtry not set
> (default), nodesize = 1, replace=TRUE). Does anyone have experience
> using this with large datasets? Currently I need to randomly sample my
> training data because giving it the full 31000+ cases returns 
> an out of
> memory error; the same thing happens with large numbers of 
> trees.  From
> what I read in the documentation, perhaps I do not have 
> enough trees to
> fully capture the training data?
> Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
> Benjamin
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